tirsdag den 6. maj 2014

Box full of sunshine

On a gray and cloudy day.... These are in the dehumidifier right now, getting dry and ready to be saved for winter. To bring some sunshine to my new coop.

Yep, the flock has gotten locked up behind fence, so no more roaming around free. I couldn't keep them in the garden. They went strolling in the neighbours gardens, so before anyone gets to annoyed, they got locked up.

Sorry for them and more work for me. Now I'll have to provide fresh grass and other Greens everyday, if I want to get those yummi eggs, that I'm used to.

So today I collected a box full of dandelion blossoms, - in a week they will be gone, turned into fluffy White balls, speading seed all over. But now I hope to get the dry and use them in chicken treats in winter.

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  1. I understand dandelions are very nutritious even the greens. Can you build a roving or mobile chicken coop for them ?